Facundo Rodríguez

Metaethics, Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion

I am a PhD Philosophy student at the University of Cambridge. I am interested in metaethics and the history of philosophy, especially in the works of Aristotle, Kant and Hobbes. I have a secondary interest in political philosophy and philosophy of religion. At Cambridge, I have worked on a defence of Kant’s theory of Love, on Francisco Suarez’s Theory of Natural Law and Obligation and on apologies and Moral Particularism.  

Before coming to Cambridge, I completed a BSc. Politics and Philosophy and an MSc. Political Theory at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).  There, I wrote my undergraduate dissertation ‘Aquinas on Evil and the Will: A response to Mackie’ that is now published in New Blackfriars Journal. During my MSc Political Theory at LSE, I wrote a paper on Hobbes’ constrained absolutism, now published in Jurisprudence.  My MSc. dissertation, titled ‘Circularity in Christine Korsgaard’s Constitutivist Argument’, argued that Christine Koorsgaard’s Constitutivism fails to ground the normativity of moral demands.

More information is available on Google Scholar and Academia pages.