The Morality of Love: Loving Relationships in Kant’s Practical Philosophy

  • Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love Virtual Seminar on ‘Reasons for Love’ (November, 2023)

Going Properly Hybrid About Reasons

  • Philosophy, Law and Politics Graduate Forum – Commentator: Ruth Chang (November, 2023)

Grounding Final Value

  • Serious Metaphysics Group, University of Cambridge (October, 2023)

The Lover, The Aesthete and The Pious: Attention and Intrinsic Value

Being Careful about Care: Love, Union and Sacrifice

  • Philosophy of Intimacy Workshop, University of Cambridge (June, 2022)

Francisco Suarez’s Hybrid Voluntarism

  • 28th Meeting of the Medieval Philosophy UK Network (January, 2022)

Circularity in Korsgaard’s Constitutivism

  • Philosophy Graduate Seminar, University of Cambridge (October, 2021)

Aquinas on Evil and the Will: A response to Mackie

  • XI International Thomistic Congress (Postponed to August, 2022)

Ideology and Creation in Marx’s Historical Materialism

  • Euroacademia’s 8th Forum of Critical Studies (January, 2020)