My research interest lies mostly in moral psychology and meta-ethics. However, I like to think about these topics with others, including thinkers that are part of the history of philosophy. I spend most of my time thinking about value and, in particular, our relation to it as rational agents. My current research then falls into three main areas: the nature of value, the nature of practical rationality and the way in which we relate to one another as bearers of value. You can listen to me speak about my research here.


I am currently working on two different papers on the nature of value. The first looks at how the use of hyperintensional metaphysical concepts might help clarify different positions in the debate on value. The second paper argues that there is something special about intrinsic value, even if it is true that it does not play the important motivational and justificatory role many philosophers thought it did. What is special about intrinsic value, I claim, is the sort of attention it calls for. 

Love and Care:

In my PhD, I am looking into different ways in which we relate to other human beings as bearers of value. I am working on five different papers. The first one looks at love as a moral relation, with some help of Kant’s notion of a ‘unity of wills’. The second paper, complementing the first, argues that, contrary to what some philosophers have thought, caring about those we love ‘for their own sake’ is not incompatible with forming a ‘unity of wills’ with them. In the third paper, I try to understand what intimacy is and how it relates to love and respect. In the last two papers, I consider the role that trust plays in intimate relations.


I am currently working on a hybrid theory of reasons that can rival traditional objectivist and subjectivist theories. 

Aside from these topics in moral psychology and metaethics, I have worked on many figures in the history of philosophy – many of which have influenced my current work. Beyond Kant, I worked on Aristotle, St Thomas Aquinas, Francisco Suarez, Hobbes, Rousseau and Marx. From this historical work, three publications resulted that you can access here.