Publications and Conferences

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

‘Aquinas on Evil and the Will: A response to Mackie’, New Blackfriars, (2020).

Work in Progress:

‘Thomas Hobbes’ Constrained Absolutism: The Fundamental Law of the Commonwealth as a Substantial Constraint on the Sovereign’s Power’

‘Circularity in Christine Korsgaard’s constitutivist argument’

Other Academic Publications:

‘Venturing to Venice: Presenting at my first academic conference’, LSE Department of Government Blog, April 2020.

‘A social contractarian perspective on the Catalan demand for independence’,The Undergraduate Political Review 3, (2019).

Graduate Conferences:

Philosophy Graduate Seminar, University of Cambridge, 17th November 2020.

Asking Big Questions Again, Euroacademia’s 8th Forum of Critical Studies, Euroacademia, 24-25 January 2020, with James Block.