Publications and Conferences

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

‘Thomas Hobbes’ Constrained Absolutism: The Fundamental Law of the Commonwealth as a Substantial Constraint on the Sovereign’s Power’, Jurisprudence, (2021).

‘Aquinas on Evil and the Will: A response to Mackie’, New Blackfriars, (2020).

Work in Progress:


‘Not Doing it Again: Particularism and Apologies’

‘Kant’s teleological realism’

‘Immanuel Kant’s Theory of Love: a defence’

Graduate Conferences:

Medieval Philosophy UK Network 28th Meeting, Medieval Philosophy UK, 19th January 2022. 

Philosophy Graduate Seminar, University of Cambridge, 17th November 2020.

Asking Big Questions Again, Euroacademia’s 8th Forum of Critical Studies, Euroacademia, 24-25 January 2020, with James Block.

Blogs and Public Philosophy:

‘Venturing to Venice: Presenting at my first academic conference’, LSE Department of Government Blog, April 2020.

‘The Decay of Truth’, La Piccioletta Barca, April 2020.

‘The Time for our Consolation of Philosophy’, La Piccioletta Barca, April 2020.